Melatrol: Natural Sleeping Aid
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Melatrol has been produced to cure insomnia on a long term basis. It combines the benefit of immediate results with long term effects. Melatonin will help you fall asleep instantly, it will aid your body to regulate your own sleeping patterns so instead of developing an addiction you will actually need to use Melatrol less and less over time.

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“Doing shift work caused me to fall asleep during night time working hours but be awake during the day, when I should have been sleeping. Once I started taking Melatrol I managed to to adjust to this irregular schedule of working days one week, and nights the next.”
Emanuel, San Antonio

“As a college student, I spend many late nights studying, only to get up early for classes the next day. This has a really negative effect on my sleeping patterns. Upon trying Melatrol I have found that I can now enjoy a regular sleep schedule when I want to...”
Megan, Vancouver

Is Your Sleep Ruining Your Health and Shortening Your Life?

by Martin Brock

Posted Feb 4th 2007,
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One of the most basic human functions is sleep. Yet, most people tend to view sleep as something that occurs naturally every night. If, like millions, you are not sleeping well, it means that something is wrong in your life; something is out of balance, not as it should be.

And if you're not feeling energetic during the day, suffering from fatigue and drowsiness, chances are your sleep is the root problem.

Not only does sleep dictate your daily functioning, but your daily functioning and activity impact your sleep just the same. And no, this is not simply a result of the number of hours you sleep.

Your internal biological clock, often referred to as the sleep clock or circadian clock, regulates your sleep and your daytime energy levels. This inner clock is sensitive to many factors such as activity levels, what you eat and drink, your thinking, and much more.

Human beings were designed to live in a natural cycle, but this healthy, natural, biological cycle has turned into just the opposite for millions of people around the world-a vicious cycle with the ensuing reality of sleepless nights and drowsy days.

Most people in today's fast paced world lead a lifestyle that causes a disruption of the delicate inner sleep system. These activities (or lack of activities) cause an imbalance in the biological sleep clock, creating less restful sleep, regardless of the number of hours you sleep. Sleep is not about quantity, it's about quality.

What you do during the day determines how your body rejuvenates itself during the night. When your body is unable to rejuvenate itself during sleep (you guessed it), you experience another day with less energy, irritability and mood swings, followed by another ineffective night's sleep. Do you see the vicious cycle here?

The key to reverse this cycle is to take proper care of your sleep system.

Most people who suffer from sleep problems, insomnia or lack of energy during the day think the answer is more sleep. Worse, many look to sleeping pills for the answer.

We live in a drug-oriented society, and people often seek pills and medication for a quick fix. Many tend to forget that pills only treat symptoms-they don't eliminate the root of the problem. Taking sleep medication is like placing buckets throughout your home rather than mending the hole in the ceiling; fixing the underlying problem.

Trying to alleviate your condition by sleeping longer can make matters worse. You're not tired because you need more sleep; you're tired because your sleep system is a mess, resulting in poor quality sleep.

Shocking Sleep Studies

A University of California study has shown that sleeping 8 hours or longer is linked to a higher mortality rate. In fact, people who sleep between 6.5 — 7.5 hours outlive people who sleep 8 hours or longer! Studies have also shown that sleeping pills are linked to a higher mortality rate. Statistically, people who take sleeping pills die sooner than people who do not use them. Yes, this is a scary reality. Worse yet, if your lead a lifestyle that upsets your biological sleep clock, you are not only getting less restful sleep, but you are also weakening your immune system leaving your vulnerable to disease and health problems.

How to Get Relief

The bottom line-if you're feeling drowsy during the day, sleep poorly, can't fall asleep or if you feel fatigued despite having spent 8 hours or more in bed, chances are that you've effectively and unknowingly thrown your sleep system out of balance leaving you prone to disease and depriving you of restful sleep and energy during the day. You may have tried to correct the problem, but chances are you are trying to combat it in all the wrong ways.

So, take a moment to review your own sleep patterns and consider if your sleep is giving you the energy it should.

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Melatrol Insomnia Medication

Melatrol Sleeping Aid

Melatrol combines benefits of immediate results with long term effects. It will help you fall asleep instantly and aid your body to regulate its sleeping patterns. Melatrol will provide you with a better quality sleep so you can enjoy a productive day after awakening! Melatrol is not addictive and has no side effects.

Money Back Guarantee. If you're not happy with purchase simply return the used packaging after you are finished for a full refund less processing fee shipping and handling.

Worldwide Delivery. US delivery within 2-14 business days. Worldwide delivery available. Be the one of thousands people who overcame insomnia and claimed their life back.